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Dr. BellDr. Ann Bell graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in September 1995. Dr. Bell offers a wellness-styled approach to her care and treatment programs. Clients enjoy individualized care using effective and innovative techniques and remedies. She is skilled in techniques such as Koren Specific, B.E.S.T., Activator Method, Network Spinal Analysis, Applied Kinesiology, as well as traditional chiropractic adjustive styles. Dr. Bell is trained in nutritional counseling, flower essence therapy, and holds a diplomate in B.E.S.T. Technique. She understands, educates, and works with her clients to create a balance for the whole person structurally, chemically, and emotionally.

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A Natural Way Chiropractic offers wellness-based products from Standard Process Labs, PRL Herbals, Dr. M.T. Morter's Alkalizing nutritional supplements, and Dr. Theresa Dale's Hormone Balancing & Detoxification products.