Activator Methods

Manipulation utilizing a hand held instrument has been part of the chiropractic profession for 30 years.  Activator Methods has been a leader in the research of instrument manipulation.  It also provides both basic and advanced proficiency testing for its doctors. 

ActivatorWith instrument adjusting, the force is delivered 50 to 100 times faster than with the hand.  Considering that the joints of the spine are about the size of a fingernail, instrument contacts are smaller than a broad hand and can be more specific to the joint involved.  The compact design of the instrument allows for more control of the force and direction, which is preloaded in the instrument providing consistent and controlled force each time it is used, something almost impossible with the hand.  Also the patient does not have to be twisted or pushed  to deliver the force, making it much more comfortable and appropriate for older or very young patients.

Activator Methods is a highly studied procedure that a trained Chiropractor can use to provide an non-invasive and highly specific adjustment.  Dr. Bell is trained in both the procedure of Activator Methods, and the Activator adjusting tool.

Many patients report preferring Activator Methods of adjusting over the standard manual manipulation, due to its highly effective use and non-invasive procedures. When evaluated with the Activator Methods, Dr. Bell can effectively determine when to adjust, where to adjust, and most importantly, when not to adjust.  When your body indicates that it is in need of correction, the Activator tool is used to provide a quick, painless, consistent, and non-invasive adjustment.  Most patients report only hearing a “clicking noise” while being adjusted.

Activator is approved by Medicare for use in manual manipulation and approved by the FDA.  There are various types of tools and methods that imitate Activator technique, but doctors that use it properly must receive proper training in the use of Activator technique.