FlorAlive® Uncut Flower Essences

The FlorAlive ® Uncut Flower ™ phenomenon was discovered by Dr. Brent Davis at the turn of the new millennium. Its result is a pure and safe new way to remove undesirable beliefs and harmful memories from the subconscious mind. It emerged out of his familiarity with herbal medicine, homeopathy, thought field therapy, and applied kinesiology muscle testing, along with his appreciation of cross-cultural spiritual traditions.

A great mystery was revealed.

That which is normally invisible, namely limiting and sabotaging beliefs and feelings hidden in the subconscious mind, became visible by using a specific clinical protocol.

How it works

The procedure begins by identifying a strong test muscle (normally in the patient's arm). The indifidual being evaluated repeats aloud test phrases that, due to mind/body reflex connections, effect changes in muscle strength. For example, if the patient states "Love is good" and the previously strong arm muscle weakens, it indicates that the conscious statement collides with the real subconscious belief. Conflict arises resulting in muscle weakness. In this example, the weakening of the muscle indicates the test subject does NOT believe love is good at the subconscious level - the level which truly directs our life.

Astonishingly, consuming UNCUT flower frequencies in FlorAlive® essences such as ReviveAll can seamlessly remove such unhealthy beliefs, replacing the mind error with divine flower harmonics.

For the last five years, dozens of highly-trained muscle testing specialists in the U.S. and abroad have been evaluating the action of the FlorAlive® essences that are described in this brochure. It is the first time in history that flower essences have been created in a conceptual framework that measures the action of the essence on the subconscious mind in a real-time clinical setting. Intuitive inspiration as well as "other dimensional" guidance relating to the uses of the flowers is immediately tested, and corroborated or rejected with respect to its real value.